At the moment, the collection target areas are Sathorn, Chit Lom to On Nut.

You can use QR code payment, Bank transfer, Cash(Pay after) and Credit card(VISA, Mastercard).

Basically, the laundry is returned the in three days the deposit date, so we are sorry but we cannot specified time.
Example) Pick-up on Monday → Deliver on Thursday

Pick-up reception is from 9 am to 7 pm.

It can also be used on weekends and public holidays.

Dry cleaning is possible.

It is also possible to use only the iron. (70% of the basic charge)

We are sorry, we do not have a cleaning service by the kilogram(kg).

We can remove stains. but, It may not be completely removed due to the passage of time, the material, and the cause of the stain.
If we cannot remove the stain without free stains, we will propose paid stain removal only to customers who wish to remove stains.
Please note may not removed even you are request paid stain removal, if It has been more than a week since the stains, were formed, or the colorants, inks, dye hair.

We are sorry, we will not be remodeling service.
Items that cannot be cleaned without repair may be returned as they are.

If you have a spare button, if you bring your own, or if you agree to attach a we stock button from the store, we will exchange it for free.

We cannot accept items with severe holes or scratches, items with severe stains or odors, items with filth, or items used by pets.

We are sorry, we can't send only certain items in one order to another day.

We can do that. Please leave the hanger, with your laundry the next time you use our service.

We are sorry, we do not offer storage services.

When storing, be sure to remove the vinyl from the packaging and store in a well-ventilated state. Because the vinyl packaging is just for dust protection until the customer comes to pick it up.
If you keep it as it is, it may cause mold and discoloration.




Reception hours