How to Use


Please apply for a friend to the official LINE account.

Message customer information to LINE

- Full name (Full name in Roman alphabet)
- Address (Room number and Building name)
- Phone number to contact

If you have already registered your customer information, please reply only with your full name.
Please check in advance if you can check in your luggage at the front desk.

Pick-up request

Pick-up request: Please check in your laundry at the front desk after your request. Our staff in charge will come to pick up your laundry.
Delivery date: 2 days after the date of deposit (Basically)
*We will contact you via LINE regarding the delivery date.
* Please contact us if you are express request. (We accept it at an extra charge)

*Please prepare the requested item before requesting collection.
If you cannot leave your luggage at the front desk, we can also handle it face-to-face. Please feel free to contact us.

We are confirm price after check the number of laundry items, items, etc.

We will announcement you of the total amount on LINE.


Please send the transfer details to LINE.
Please take a look here for payment methods.

Payment confirmation

We will inform you of payment confirmation on LINE. After that, start the cleaner's.

Cleaning delivery

We will announcement you on LINE when the return is completed.

Payment method

Payment methods include "QR code payment", "account transfer", "cash (postpaid)", and "credit payment (VISA, Mastercard)" below.

QR code payment (User scan method)

1.Open the app and select "Scan" in the app.
2.Scan the QR code below with the camera function.

3.Please enter the payment amount manually and complete the payment.
*Please save your payment details.
4.Please attach the payment details to LINE and let us know that the payment has been completed.

Bank transfer

Please transfer to this bank account.

United Overseas Bank

When you payment is completed, please attach the payment details to LINE and notification the payment completion.

Cash (postpaid)

Please contact us in advance if you are interested.

Credit payment (VISA, Mastercard)

Please contact us in advance if you are interested.

※Please note that if you wish to pay by credit card, you will not be able to change the payment method after the procedure has been completed.




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