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Company Name
Masataka Muramatsu
Date of establishment
January 2006
Business details
Operation of Shiraya Clean Lab (home delivery cleaning service)
143-143/1 Moo 17 Theparak Rd., T.Bangsaothong A.Bangsaothong Samutprakarn 10570 Thailand.
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Terms and agreements

Please be sure to read the full text of our Terms of Service so that you can use our cleaner’s with peace of mind.

1.Terms and agreements system

Those who wish to use our services agree to comply with these Terms of Use, and by providing us with certain information specified by us in the manner specified by us, You can apply to us to register for the use of the service to us.

2.Some item that aren't handle

You agree in advance that the following items are excluded from the handling of this service.

  • 1- Used by pets
  • 2- Those with terrible holes and scratches
  • 3- Things that are very dirty or smelly
  • 4- Things with filth on

3.Handle with personal information

The customer's personal information (name, address, phone number, gender, etc.) received at the time of application for we not be used for any purpose other than the fulfillment of the usage contract. The confidentiality of each of the preceding paragraphs shall apply even after the cancellation of our user registration.


[Compensation conditions]

  • 1- Applicable only when the data match between the cleaning number tag and the inspection is confirmed.
  • 2- Items derived from causes such as wear and deterioration during wearing are not covered.
  • 3- The determination of liability shall be based on the appraisal or judgment of specialized institutions and non-profit public institutions in textile products.
  • 4- Since the compensation will be in the form of purchase at the market price of the target item, the damage compensation item cannot be returned or the cleaning fee cannot be refunded.
  • 5- The maximum amount of compensation limit is 30,000 baht per order and 15,000 baht per item. However, for parallel imported products, overseas products purchased overseas, and overseas brand products, the maximum compensation limit amount is 9,000 baht per item.
  • 6- Under no circumstances, the coverage option will not exceed the market price of the product.
  • 7- We will not accept any payments other than consolation money for clothing such as consolation fees.
  • 8- A receipt / receipt at the time of purchase is required to determine the purchase price for calculating the compensation amount. If they are lost or disposed of, we will investigate and decide within the range of the market price.
  • 9- The amount of compensation will never exceed the manufacturer's selling price, regardless of the amount of the receipt.
  • 10- Our company and its affiliated cleaning companies shall be liable for damages suffered by the customer in connection with this service only to the extent in accordance with the "Compensation Standards of Our company".

[Exempt for compensation]

  • Products planned and manufactured with materials that deteriorate over time and change significantly (polyurethane processing, etc.)
  • Products planned and manufactured with materials with low dyeing fastness
  • Products planned and manufactured by combining materials and adhesives that have problems with the bonding method
  • Products planned and manufactured with fabrics with weak heat setting (pleating, wrinkling, etc.)
  • Products planned and manufactured by combining materials with completely different how to cleaners methods
  • Products with incorrect descriptions on composition and washing labels
  • Products without the display manager's name and contact information
  • Products planned and manufactured with materials that cannot withstand normal use
  • Products planned and manufactured with materials that cannot withstand normal cleaning (all washing indications are not allowed, sequins, embroidery, beads, print peeling. Including damage to ornaments, missing and damaged buttons, etc.)
  • Fraying and fraying due to products with weak sewing plying
  • Other matters caused by planning, manufacturing, etc.
  • Products suspected to be copy products or counterfeit products (including brand products)

[Exempt for compensation]When there is a negligence in the usage and storage method of the customer

  • Products that show discoloration or decolorization due to chemicals (due to adhesion of hair styling products, perm liquids, detergents, bleaching agents, battery liquids, exhaust gas, etc.)
  • Discoloration and decolorization due to sweat, sunlight and lighting
  • Tears, fraying, stringing, etc. that occur when worn
  • Missing or damaged button
  • Due to aging and changes
  • Products lacking any of the composition display, laundry display, and display manager tag (manufacturer tag)
  • Other similar accidents by customers

Privacy policy

At SHIROYA (hereinafter referred to as "our company"), we will comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information and other norms, and will do our utmost to protect your important personal information.

Collection of personal information

We may collect personal information to the extent necessary in the following cases.

  • - When a customer contacts us
  • - When a customer applies for service to us

About the purpose of using personal information

We will use the personal information collected from our customers for the following purposes.

  • - To contact customers
  • - To answer customer inquiries
  • - To provide services to our customers
  • - Provision of personal information to a third party

Provision of personal information to a third party

We will not disclose or provide personal information obtained from customers to third parties. However, the following cases are excluded.

  • - With the consent of the person
  • - In the case of a request from a public office such as a request from the police
  • - When subject to the law

Disclosure, correction, etc. of personal information

We will surely respond to requests for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc. of self-information from the customer himself / herself.




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