The price is standard and the quality is premium!
We will deliver Japanese quality!

Requests can be made easily and conveniently by LINE or by phone ♪ (supported in Japanese)

What is Shiroya clean Lab?

In 2000, "Shiroya" was born as the first Japanese-owned cleaning shop in Bangkok.
In 2022, we will provide convenient, comfortable, clean and secure living in Bangkok! Based on the concept, we will restart as a home delivery cleaning white shop that suits the times.
The price is standard and the finish is premium! (Japan quality)
We will wash your precious clothes with all sincerity!

All of these problems will be solved by the home delivery cleaning "Shiroya"!
I'm busy every day and I don't have time to go to the store
I'm not satisfied with the cleaning finish I'm using now
There are a lot of clothes and it is difficult to carry
I'm worried about leaving my precious clothes
I'm worried because I can't speak Japanese

Features of Shiroya Factory

Experienced Japanese engineers are stationed and managed at the factory.
In addition, we have introduced the latest Japanese top-level machines to provide optimal care for clothing.

Shiroya's very particular about.

*We use soft water for washing water.
*We have sterilized and antibacterial processed all our checked items.

Service menu

Service area

The areas currently covered by the service are as follows.
(Sathorn, Chit Lom, Phloen Chit, Nana, Asoke, Prompon, Thong Lo, Ekkamai, Phra Khanong, On Nut)

How to Use


Apply for the service via LINE or phone *Japanese support available.


You will make a pickup request. Our staff in charge will come to pick up the laundry.


After inspection, we will inform you of the price, so please pay.


We will do our best to clean it at our factory.


We will inform you on LINE or by phone.


At the moment, the collection target areas are Sathorn, Chit Lom to On Nut.

You can use QR code payment, Bank transfer, Cash(Pay after) and Credit card(VISA, Mastercard).

Basically, the laundry is returned the in three days the deposit date, so we are sorry but we cannot specified time.
Example) Pick-up on Monday → Deliver on Thursday




Reception hours

Shiroya Clean Lab (Laundry Service) บริการซัก อบ รีด จัดส่งฟรี
TEL: 098-333-9935